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Mr. K. M Rezaul Hasanat, son of Habibur Rahman a prominent businessman and industrialist in Bangladesh. Mr. Hasanat is the founder Chairman and CEO of Viyellatex group. He has been a pioneer in his industry in implementing numerous green initiatives, which led him to be elected as the President of the steering committee of the United Nations Global Compact Bangladesh Network in 2012. He is also on the Advisory Board of the UNIDO Green Industry Platform where he has pledged his company to be carbon neutral. He has received numerous recognitions namely Business Person of the Year in 2007, CSR Award in 2008, Climate Award in 2010 among many others. Mr. Hasanat is also an independent Director of Bata. In 2014, after a lifetime of ensuring positive initiatives for the people and planet, Mr. Hasanat was awarded the Centenary Award by the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) in 2014 for his significant role in Green Business in Bangladesh.