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Our mission is to introduce shariah based life insurance in Bangladesh and foster reeba-free moamalat by upholding the concepts of A’dal & Ehsan in every deal and contribute to the GDP by creating employment for the future generation through quality services.


Assimilating Islamic concepts through Life Insurance toward economic betterment of Policyholders by Hastening their risk mitigation in accordance with their Aspiration in the light of A’dal & Ehsan”.





  • Introduce Shariah based life insurance as a prime concern.

  • Upholding concepts of ‘A’dal & Ehsan’ for promoting brotherhood.

  • Generate employments for reducing the unemployment problem.

  • Foster reeba-free moamalat/dealings.

  • Ensuring quality services for beneficiaries in place of traditional practices through development of contemporary products.

  • Contribute to the GDP.