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DPS Gold (Monthly Saving Plans)


For providing financial security of mass people & make savings minded Alpha Islami Life Insurance Limited has introduced “Monthly Saving Insurance” plan. Aim of this plan is to make the mass people savings minded and minimum sum assured for this plan is BDT. 30,000/- (Taka thirty thousand) only.


  1. At the maturity of the policy, if the policyholder survives then full Sum Assured with profit shall be paid to the policyholder.
  2. If the policyholder dies during continuation of the policy then full Sum Assured shall be paid to the nominee of the policyholder.
  3. In this plan you can pay the premium on monthly basis.
  4. You can have life insurance coverage with little premium.
  5. You can deposit your monthly premium directly to the company’s account or company’s Bkash/Nagad account.
  6. At maturity you shall get a good amount of money which will bring your financial solvency.

In case of any financial crisis after paying two years annual premium, policy holder can turn it as a policy with decreased Sum Assured and the policy acquired surrender value. If policyholder wishes he/she avail a loan up to a maximum 90% of the surrender value.
This plan allows you to avail any or multiple of the following supplementary insurance facilities :

  • Accidental Death Benefit (ADB).
  • Critical Care (CC).
  • Waiver of Premium (WP).
  • Plus

• You shall get income tax rebate on the deposited premium under this scheme and insurance claim amount is also tax free.